Some users have reported that their M1 Mac with Monterey 12.0.1 do not mount the virtual drive.

We are investigating the issue.

For now, we advise users on M1 Macs not to update to their macOS version to 12.0.1.


macFUSE has been updated with a solution to this problem.

M1 users on Monterey affected by the issue need to download the latest installer from this link:

The installation steps are the usual:

- Quit the app if it is running

- Run the downloaded pkg and install the app from it

- Log in to the app if you are not logged in

- Allow the extension in Security & Privacy as prompted

- Reboot the Mac as prompted


We have a workaround for the issue. Users need to use an updated app version with RushFiles branding and load macFUSE separately. Please follow the steps below carefully:

1. Download RushFiles(304).zip and from this link:

2. Unzip both of them to the Desktop. Note: Zips downloaded with Safari may automatically be unzipped into the Downloads folder. In this case, simply move the RushFS folder to the Desktop.

3. Install the RushFiles app from the pkg unzipped from RushFiles(304).zip , then start it, and log in.

4. Start Terminal, and run this command:

xattr ~/Desktop/RushFS/rushfs.fs 

If you see "" in Terminal, then also run:

xattr -rd ~/Desktop/RushFS/rushfs.fs 

Check if "" is now removed:

xattr ~/Desktop/RushFS/rushfs.fs

If it is not in the list anymore, continue.

5. Now, load the kernel extension. In Terminal, execute:

~/Desktop/RushFS/rushfs.fs/Contents/Resources/ --load

6. You will get a pop-up asking you to accept an extension by RushFiles ApS in Security & Privacy. Do this: Go to Security & Privacy, click the Lock icon to unlock the page, and click "Allow" next to the RushFiles ApS extension.

7. Reboot your Mac as prompted.

8. After reboot, load the kernel extension again. In Terminal, execute:

~/Desktop/RushFS/rushfs.fs/Contents/Resources/ --load

9. (Re)start the RushFiles app. The drive should be mounted.


The kernel extension has to be loaded manually with every reboot of your Mac. This can be done with the command in Terminal outline in steps 5 / 8. Do not remove the RushFS folder from your desktop.

The Fuse extension in the zip is signed and notarized so it is safe to run, despite getting quarantined automatically when it is automatically extracted from the zip after download.

This is a temporary workaround. We're working on a much more elegant solution.

The best course of action is still not to update your M1 Mac to Monterey.