Dear RushFiles users,

In this article, you can see the common problems you might encounter in version 2.3.3 , and their solutions:

Problem: After starting your computer, you cannot download or upload files. This happens if your computer does not have internet connection when the client is started.

Solution: Exit the client and start it again.

In case you tried to upload files while the issue persisted, you will need to stop the client from Task Manager, and recover the not uploaded files:

- Start Task Manager.

- Find the RushFiles process and end it.

- Recover files from the local cache with solution 2 of this guide and save them somewhere local:

- Start RushFiles. (to clear the pending uploads, log out and log in again).

- Upload the files you recovered.

If you encounter this problem at every boot up of your machine, the best workaround would be to disable automatic start in the application. You can do this by clicking the "..." button in the application, then Settings, then make sure that automatic start is disabled.

Problem: You encounter an "It seems you're offline" message and cannot log in.

Solution: Exit the client app and Start it again. After this restart, you should see the login screen.

This is caused by not having internet connectivity when the client is started and there is no user logged in to the client.

If you experience a different issue, please contact your RushFiles reseller.