Dear RushFiles Users,

We have experienced some problems with the newest version of the client.

Below, we'll list the common problems and solutions to them.

Problem: File downloads and uploads are suddenly not possible. You get an error message in the bottom-right corner of your screen when trying to upload files.

Solution: Exit the client application and start it again. Uploads and downloads will be possible again.

Files that you could not upload can be found in a "RushFiles Not Uploaded Files (date-time)" folder on the root of one of your local drives, typically C: . These files need to be reuploaded after the application is restarted.

Problem: When starting the client, you see a message that says it seem you're offline, even though you have internet connection.

Solution: Restart the client application, and you should see the login screen now. If it is not resolved on the first try, please try again.

Problem: After logging in, you are not able to access your data for a time.

Solution: You need to wait until your all data is fetched from the cloud. When a share is ready to be used, you will receive a message in the bottom-right corner of your screen that tells you "(ShareName) is Up to Date" .

We are working on resolving these problems and improving the time it takes to perform this initial data retrieval.

RushFiles Team