Dear RushFiles Mac users,

There is an issue where downloading a file directly from a browser to the RushFiles drive on your Mac, you get 0 byte files.

This issue occurs with the following settings:


Occurs with any setting.

There are no known workarounds.


Occurs if in Safari Settings, File Download Location is set to Ask for each download.

Download a file with a download button, and save it to a folder on your RushFiles drive.

You will see a 0 byte file uploaded.

A duplicate file with the correct size is also uploaded but is immediately deleted. This file can be recovered in the web client by undeleting it.

-Download the file by right-clicking the download button and choose Download Linked File As.

-Download the file by clicking on File -> Save As in the top toolbar. (If the file is open in your browser. Otherwise, the html of the webpage you are on will be saved.)

-In Safari Settings, set File Download Location to a folder on the RushFiles drive.

We will remove this article when the issue is resolved and update it when there are updates.

Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

RushFiles Team