As the new MacOS 10.14 was released the previous version of FUSE is no longer supported causing issues for our client to run.

You will get a warning saying that FUSE failed to installed. 

You should verify in system preferences-> FUSE that you have version 3.8.2 installed

(If you have any lower versions, remove it) 

Install FUSE version 3.8.2, it can be downloaded from here:

Once installed, and you made sure your RushFIles/Branded client is version 2.4.8 the client should now be able to run as normal. 

Please let us know if you continue having issues. 

Best regards,



1# It seems MacOS in general has an issue with connection to the FUSE server, which is causing the client not to be able to install it. 

2# The same error might appear on older MacOS versions, but the issue on MacOS not being able to connect to the FUSE server, is causing the issue for them aswell. 

Please use the same FUSE installation. 

3# It is important that you do not update FUSE to 3.9.0 as it is not supported yet. If you have already upgraded, please reinstall version 3.8.2 from the link above.