As a new feature, you now have the option to share a subfolder.

This is useful when you want to give access only to a specific folder, and not the entire share.


You will need to be owner of the share in order to share subfolders. 

You can't add groups to a subfolder share.

How do I share a subfolder?

1. Login to the web-client and locate the folder on your share.

2. Right click or click on the folder and choose "Share folder as".

3. Enter the name which will be visible for those you share the folder with and press save.

4. A new window will show where you can assign users or invite new users to this subfolder with the "+" icon in the corner.

5. Next step is to choose the users to invite to your share, where you can also assign them different permissions (Read / Write / Owner).

6. Now, the folder you just shared will show a different icon. Additionally, you can see who you shared the folder with in the "Shared with" column.

How do I edit the subfolder share?

1. Login to the web-client again and locate the folder you shared.

2. Right click on the share and choose "Edit share".

This will take you to the window seen in Step 4 above. Here, you can remove users, assign more users, change the name of the share, or delete the share.