It's possible to download files / folders individually in the RushFiles sync and share solution.

To download an individual file through the File Explorer:

1. Navigate to the file on your RushFiles drive (default U:).

2. Find the file that is not available locally (marked with a gray X).

3. Open the file*.

4. The file will be available offline according to your settings in the desktop app.

*You can also right-click the file, enter the RushFiles submenu, and click Download in the submenu.

To download or enable/disable synchronization on a folder:

1. Navigate to the folder on your RushFiles drive (default U:)

2. Find the folder, and right-click it.

3. Hover over RushFiles, this will open a submenu.

4. Click on Download folder or Start/stop synchronization.

Download folder:

Downloads all files in the folder, making them available for offline use.

Start/Stop Synchronization:

When Synchronization is turned on, all remote files are added to the download queue.

While Synchronization is on, any new files that are uploaded from other sources are automatically downloaded without the user needing to open them.

NOTE: Upload is not affected by start/stop sync. Files are always added to the upload queue as soon as they are created on the drive.