It's possible to download files / folders individually in the RushFiles sync and share solution.

To download an individual file through the File Explorer:

1. Navigate to the file on your RushFiles drive (default U:).

2. Find the file that is not available locally (marked with a gray X).

3. Open the file*.

4. The file will be available offline according to your settings in the desktop app.

To download or enable/disable synchronization on a folder:

1. Navigate to the folder on your RushFiles drive (default U:)

2. Find the folder, and right-click it.

3. Hover over RushFiles, this will open a submenu.

4. Click on Download folder or Start/stop synchronization.

Download folder:

Downloads all files in the folder, making them available for offline use.

Start/Stop Synchronization:

When started, downloads your files as well, but all changes will be synchronized online. This means that all remote changes are downloaded, and all local changes are uploaded.

*You can also right-click the file, enter the RushFiles submenu, and click Download in the submenu.