With the use of RushFiles, you can now set hard limits for your customers according to the contract they signed with you. 

1. Login to your reseller web app (https://yourdomain.com/reseller) with your credentials. 

2. Navigate to companies in the left menu and click on the company name you want to enable hard limits on (see below).

3. The settings for the company will be shown (see below).

** Default settings are set to "No" **
** Max storage is given in gigabytes **

4. You can now set the hard limits according to the contract and select "Yes" with the radio buttons to turn them on.

What does Hard Limit do?

Hard Limit is a way for you to control the customers' data and users. 

If the customer reaches the storage limit you set, they won't be able to upload more files to their shares. A little icon will be shown in the web-client to indicate that they have reached the maximum amount of storage (see below).

The same happens when a new user is invited after the maximum user number is reached: a little error box will be shown in the top right corner (see below).