At this point, you have activated your account, installed and configured your desktop application, and created a share.

Now it is time to invite some users to your share and start sharing with them.

1. Log in to the web client, and click on "Share list" on the left sidebar.

    (All the shares you have access to will be shown here.)

2. Simply right-click the share that you want to add users to, and choose "Edit share". You can only add users to shares if you are an Owner of the share, or an Administrator.

3. You can add already made users with the "+" button. 

4. You can also invite new users with the "Invite user" button in the top-right corner. 

(Users invited via "Invite user" will always be External users. See the different user types and how to create a user from the admin panel in our article: Create users for sharing )

5. As the last step, you need to assign permissions to the user.

Read: The user can only view files.

Write: The user can view, edit, delete, and upload files.

Owner: The user can view, edit, delete, and upload files. The user can also add, invite, remove, and change the permissions of other users with regards to the share.

The added user will now be able to access your share.

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