After you have created a public link, you can add a personal message, set an expiration date, and protect your link with a password of your choice. 

Once you have logged into the Web client:

1. Click on "Links" in the left menu.

2. You will be presented with an overview of your public links.

3. Click on one of the links, so that it is highlighted.

4. In the top-right corner, there will be 3 options:

The "Delete link" option will delete your public link: 

The "Copy link" option will show you the link's URL again:

The "Edit link" option will show you the edit link popup, where you can set a password, expiration date, or add a personal message:

You can also set a default expiration date for your public links. This feature is only available to company administrators. To learn more about this feature, please see our article: Company defaults settings.