After you have created a public link, you can add comments, set default expiry date and protect your link with a password of your choice. 

You will need to login to the web-client and navigate to "Links" in the left menu. 

In here you will see an overview of all your created links. 

When you are hoovering over the icon, there will be shown a little slidebar, where you have the options to "Edit, get link and delete"

When you choose to edit you can add comments and set password to protect your link. 

After you have accepted the changes, you can now get the new link including changes from the slidebar. 

Now the link is ready to shared including comments and password. 

You can also set a default expiry date for your Public links. 

You will again need to login to the web-client and navigate to company administration (Only admins see this)

In here, click on company settings and you will see the option to set the default expiry date. 

We have created a video how to, to help you get started. 

See also our solution "Mobile App access - Easy overview"