With RushFiles, you are also able to create Public Links to share both inside and outside your company.

You can do this either by using the PC client, or the Web client.


1. Open File Explorer and navigate to your share.

2. Inside your share, right-click the file/folder you want to create a public link for.
3. Hover over the RushFiles option, and choose either Create link in clipboard or Send link in Email.

Create link in clipboard will copy your link to the clipboard so you can paste it anywhere.
Send link in Email will put the link as the body of a new email in your default email client.

Note: All links created via the PC client will be set to never expire, have no password, and have no personal message.

1. Login to the webclient.

2. Navigate to the file/folder you want to create a public link for.

3. Right-click the file/folder and choose Create public link.

4. The public link creation window pops up and you can set a personal message, password, and expiry date on your link.

5. Press save when you are finished with customizing your public link.

6. Your link will be shown in the next popup.

Now, you are ready to send out your public link.

Continue getting started with RushFiles: Add personal message, default expiry date and password to your Public Link