After you have finished configuring your desktop application, you are able to create a share and start sharing with others.

1. Open your browser, and log in to our web client.

2. The web client will start with the Share list open.

3. Click on "New share" on the right.

(NOTE: If you are an external user, you are not able to create shares by default.)

4. Name the share, and click "Save" to create the share.

(If you are an administrator of a company, you can choose the Share category. Please see our article: Create Shares for sharing)

5. Now, the web client takes you to the "Edit share" tab.

Here, you have the option to add more users and groups, or invite new users to the share that you've just created.

(To learn more about user creation, please see our articles: Users - Add users to share | Admins - Create users for sharing)

6. Now that you have created a share, and added some users you want to share with, you are ready to upload the files you want to share.

Using the web client:

1. Click "Share list", and click on your Share.

2. Click "Upload". (If you want to create a folder, click on "Create folder")

3. Click "Add files" to browse for the files, or drag and drop them into marked area.

4. The upload progress will be shown for each file. When all are uploaded, click "Done"

5. You (and users added to the Share) can access the file either in the web client, or via any RushFiles application.

Using the desktop client:

1. Ensure that the application is installed, started, and that the right user is logged in.

2. Open File Explorer, and choose the RushFiles drive (default is U:).

3. You can find your Share on the drive with a little cloud icon.

(NOTE: Shares cannot be created through the desktop client, they must be made using the web client).

4. The Share can be used as any other folder through File Explorer. You can create, delete, copy, and replace files and folders within a Share.

(To learn more about files and folders using the desktop client, please see our article: Individual download of folders and files).

Continue getting started with RushFiles: Add users to share