If your files get encrypted by ransomware, you can use the RushFiles web app to restore those files to an earlier version, without losing any data.

Example on encrypted files.

1: Open your web browser and login to the web app.

2: Navigate to Company Administration in the left panel and click on Restore History. (NOTE - you will need to be an administrator to do this)

3: Here you will need to enter the share name and the file extensions your files have.

In the example above the extension will be: .locked

4: Click “Start Recovery” and approve when you are certain.

The system will now restore an earlier version of the files, that are not encrypted.

You can immediately see the restored files in the web app.

Within 5 minutes the server will also return the correct version to your local machine and harddrive.

See also our video guide here:

RushFiles - Unlock encrypted files with History Restore