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Option to _really_ delete files from the trash bin.

I'd like to have an additional option to really delete a file (or folder) that was deleted.

Currently files can not be deleted but are only put in the trash bin (as in every regular OS – which is actually a good thing). What's missing in my opinion is an option to delete files from the trash bin so that they can't be restored anymore.

I think this feature request here would also also cover Option to disable to restore deleted files – but imho it would be more useful than disabling the "restoring option" (which by itself is a great feature).

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This would be useful if you have any old files which you don't need anymore (e.g. drafts or old files). Plus – if you accidentally put something in the Cloud and want to remove it afterwards (as mentioned in the linked feature request).

We have had this request from several customers, and this have been added as a feature request to the development backlog.

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Glad to hear. Thank you.

Please provide the option to the user to delete files permanetly ot even folders. This is due to the fact that not all files are necessary to be stored for a certain period of time. So It would be more effective the user to have option to choose if he wants the files to be restored or not.


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Any update on this?


The option to delete deleted files "Empty trash bin" is in development and will most likely be released with the update, end of March 2016

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Great, thanks for the info.

I'd also be glad to see this feature implemented.


You mentioned that this feature "will most likely be released with the update, end of March 2016". 

This really is an important feature. Any update on this?

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 ... any update, maybe now?

I agree that this is an extremely important feature.

Right now, I cannot use my cloud storage anymore because it is (more than) full and I am unable to delete files. So basically, the storage space I am granted is only a maximum upload quota. Once full, it's game over. What kind of feature is that?

Hurry up, team RushFiles!!

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Same here, any update please?

Hi all

A little update:

We changed a few things, so now the data is stored 120 days (60 days for you to restore + 60 days where the files still can be restored by us)

After 120 days the amount of data will decrease so you will free up storage. 

We are currently working on a option for the administrator to delete the files immediately. 



Sounds good.
However, on my account it now says I have only 0.73 GB used out of 50 GB. When I check it through Windows explorer though, I have clearly saved 36.8 GB on there (not deleted). Just to let you know that something's still not quite working with the numbers there.