As a feature in company administration you can see reports. 

To use this feature, go to your company administration site and choose reports. 

In reports you now have three options. 

1. Search files 

2. User journal

3. Log in

1: In search files, you have the possibility to search for your files, in a defined shared and the content of a filename.
You can also sort the files after date. 

Click: Show Report

Here will you be able to see, the file name, location of the file, the creator of the file and the size of the file. 

You can also see if the file is deleted by the little trash can icon. 

2:In user journal you can search for a defined share, where you can see who has invited users, deleted links etc.

3:In the section "Log In" you can see history of log in attempts. Just fill in the users mail and you can now see which device they were using, and information about the log in, was it succeed or not. See below.