How does it work

RushFiles is a distributed file system; this means that the files are stored locally while being edited.

This allows multiple users to open and edit the same file (a document) at the same time, also in an offline scenario , this means that two users or more can be offline and edit the a file, and the go online at some point, and they are in a conflict scenario.

 This will result in a “conflict” file.

The way it works is that the first file will update the central system and change the version number. Then when the second file is updated to the central system the software will detect that a newer version of the file is already present at the central system and report back that there is a conflict and create a new file with the same name and add the text “(conflict by ‘user email’)” at the end of the name.

The client that have the conflict will also get a popup, indicating that there is a conflict. In addition, a visual indicator in the system tray (windows only) that a conflict is present.

 This is possible as the software tracks the documents individually, across all platforms.

How to solve a conflict?

The users must merge any conflicts within the documents manually.

This is done, by opening the original document and the “conflict” version, and then merge.