The full history of a file is always visible as a list of entries.

Recomended minimum setting is 999 versions and 60 days.

Most resellers keep it at 999/999 versions/days. As the end users are most happy with this setting.

The individual files from the list is able to be recovered by the user, if the file is kept online on the server.

If it is deleted from the server it should be on a backup, depending on the SLA of the provider.

A file is online until the history cleanup routine decides it’s time to be deleted.
The criteria for this deletion is controlled by 2 values.
Keep “xxx” versions of a file, until it’s “yyy” days old.

This means that there will be “xxx” versions of a file online on the server, for the user to recover at any time,

until the versions are “yyy” days old, then they will be deleted.

The current version of a file will always be online.

In Short:

The days and the versions Work together. So it's xxx versions, but only for yyy days.

As documents normally get changed a lot in the first 5-30 days, the recomended minimum setting therefore is 999 versions and 60 days.

So it will keep "all" (999) versions of the file and then after 60 days it will begin to remove the old versions until only the production one is online.

Restore files if removed from the server

If an old version of a file is deleted from the server and a user need to recover it. The user must contact the

service provider (which is normal procedure for restoring files).

After the restore is done by the provider, the user are able to recover them, as the versions are back online

on the server again.

These restored versions would normally be deleted again as they are too old (why they are deleted in the first place).

To keep them online long time enough for the user to recover them, there are a 3rd value that controls this.

Keep restored file for “zzz” days.

On the reseller the 3 values are the default minimum for all new companies.

The reseller can set individual, “reseller” values on the company. But it must be greater or equal to the minimum

of the reseller default.

If the reseller changes the default minimum value up or down the company values are changed accordingly.


If the reseller wants to have individual minimum values for a company (normally higher than the default) thes

values would be changed if the default is changed. This is prohibited if the “Freeze values” is selected.

On the company site, the company can set the values to their desire, but not lower than the “reseller” values

(either set via reseller default or individually with freeze)


For support regarding the history setup please contact support on